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Stranded in Boston over Halloweekend

I have not been on campus for Halloween since my freshman year. And this was certainly not on purpose. Sophomore year my grandmother was moving to Hawaii and junior year I spent the weekend in Washington DC to attend the rally to restore sanity and/or fear (it was so awesome). In fact, I was really looking forward to dressing up and hanging out with my friends. I already knew who I want to dress up as… my girl, Kreayshawn.

Instead, I spent my weekend in Boston for a interview/workshop weekend. It was great fun and I learned so much… However, this blog post is not about why I went to Boston, but why and how I got back.

I am currently typing away on the boltbus back to Philadelphia. I had not intended to take the 10am bus, but I was supposed to be back on campus by 8am this [Sunday] morning. I WAS STRANDED. The northeast suffered a (freak) snowstorm last night and therefore to my HORROR (it. Is Halloweekend) all the bus companies leaving south station cancelled their services.

The first thing I did as soon as I found out was email my executive board to let them know that Rebecca, the Vice President of SGA would have to lead the meeting. (the VERY FIRST thing I did)…. then I had to find a place to crash.

In all honesty, I did think about moseying into Occupy Boston to ask if I could spend a night in someone’s tent. But there were so many more options to consider before taking that route. I mean, it was snowing and freezing.

I sent out a plea through Facebook asking if any friends were in Boston.
Thank goodness for smartphones (my gps had saved me multiple times this weekend too!) and social media. A Bryn Mawr alumna offered her place! I took the T [Boston’s Subway system] over to her place, walked through the slush in my very wet loafers/socks and gave her the biggest hug/a box of cookies from a nearby bakery.

Basically, I love Bryn Mawr. I love Social Media. And I am so excited to make it back in time for lantern night. Anassa kata!


  1. Who was the alum that helped? A tour guide? Woohoo alums! Seems like you’re doing well, Yong Jung! Keep up the good work!